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Cyprus Project


A new home.
A new investment.
A new discovery.

Rising from the foot of the Cyprian hills, NEO’s four towers embody a meeting point between four distinct landscapes: City, Mountain, Sky and Sea.

Designed and crafted by world-leading developers, architects and engineers, NEO is a prestigious and globally-significant residential landmark set on the Limassol shoreline. With unparalleled views, unprecedented architecture and immersive environment, NEO represents the ethos of Cypriot living at every level.

At the heart of NEO’s identity is its connection to Limassol’s evolution. With a tradition of warmly welcoming visitors, wanderers and explorers, Limassol is both quintessentially Cyprian and internationally relevant. Cyprus has evolved to become an eastern gateway into Europe, making NEO an investment in community, culture and connectivity.

This unique development unites environment, innovation and local culture. It is defined by an exquisite balance of access to indulgence, and the desire to escape. NEO provides the ultimate luxury: choice. It is both an immersive, cosmopolitan environment and a haven high above it all.

NEO offers a curated, modern and forward-looking lifestyle anchored by the sophisticated and historic allure of the Mediterranean. NEO delivers experiences across three levels: personal and adaptable living spaces — ‘villas in the sky’, resort-style podium amenities, access to local culture and finally, connectivity to the Limassol lifestyle — known as ‘Lima-soul’.


An eden of discovery, wellness and adventure
Exclusive neighbourhoods and private homesites capitalise on incredible views, positioned around the golf course, children’s playgrounds and world-class amenities.

Perched on a tranquil hilltop, resting in 5 million square metres of a Natura 2000 protected landscape, this authentic residential retreat offers true escapism and cultural discovery. Inspired by local Cypriot dwellings, the pioneering architecture is a unique balance of modernity, tradition and the natural world.
High-quality design that creates a strong sense of community and long-term value has been an integral part of the shared vision between renowned developer, Pafilia and world-class architects, Woods Bagot.

All properties – Residences, Villas and Suites – harmonise with the topography to capture the light, harness cool hillside breezes and frame the extraordinary views. Nature is an ever-present element at Minthis. The 18-hole championship golf course moulds itself to the landscape, passing walnut and fig trees, olive groves and the historic 12th century monastery.

World-class chefs use seasonal ingredients from the surrounding countryside to create dishes that are a fusion of modern Mediterranean flavours. Countless nature trails balance serenity and pathways for adventure — mountain biking, horse riding, hiking —while peaceful courtyards and gardens welcome outdoor yoga or quiet reflection.

Just 10 minutes from Minthis lies Pafos, a beautiful and vibrant city that is captivating in its contrasts. A cosmopolitan hub, Pafos combines stunning palm-fringed beaches, stylish boutiques, lively cafés and world class restaurants, with colourful archaeological sites, rustic tavernas and charming colonial backstreets. Add to this the city’s thriving arts scene – concerts, plays, screenings, exhibitions – and it is no wonder it has become a European Capital of Culture 2017.

Design: Holistic Harmony
The essence of Minthis echoes Stoicism, an ancient Greek school of philosophy, which encourages living a life in harmony with the universe and in agreement with nature. Just as Stoicism teaches, Minthis inspires a mode of thinking that counsels: I don’t have to be here, I choose to be, and to enjoy the instant of life.

In bringing Minthis to life, Pafilia made a commitment to sustainable design that will ensure a sensitive balance is struck with the natural surroundings. In fact, Minthis is situated on a protected Natura 2000 site of some five million square metres, of which only 3% will be developed.

The resort is the result of valued partnerships between the acclaimed residential developer Pafilia and several world-renowned authorities in their fields. The carefully-conceived masterplan was developed by international architecture firm WATG, who have been leaders in strategic luxury planning and design for over 70 years. Design and architecture has been undertaken by Woods Bagot, one of the largest architectural groups in the world and one whose award- winning future-orientated work centres on human experience and global communities. The world-class championship golf course has been designed by Mackenzie & Ebert, celebrated British course architects who believe in creating enduring courses that harmonise with the natural landscape.

The architects and designers travelled extensively through local mountain villages to understand the philosophies of traditional Cypriot architecture.The home at Minthis merge these time-honoured aesthetic principles with the best of contemporary design, creating refined cultural evolutions.
Ochre-hued limestone from the Troodos mountains, panels of warm Iroko wood, walls of glass, striking entryways, and light and leafy courtyards are just some of the seemingly opposing features of tradition and modernity that unite at Minthis in creating simple sophistication, and a unique harmony of intimacy and openness.

Investment: Long-Term and Limitless
Property options at Minthis are diverse and the build strategy is low-density, guaranteeing exclusivity, and long-term property and rental values. The resort is established enough to be a secure investment, but new enough to ensure significant appreciation.

The award-winning property collection, Residences, Villas, and Suites, offer a distinctive proposition to each respective homeowner. Add to this Minthis’ unique leisure options, and it becomes just as much a lifestyle investment focused on limitless enriching experiences as it does a long-term monetary investment.


A One-Of-A-Kind Opportunity

Cyprus’ southern coastal city of Limassol has blossomed over the last few decades from an industrial-fuelled landscape into multifaceted, modern European vista of vibrant opportunities in business, culture, and recreation.

Reigning supreme as the epitome of luxurious island living, Limassol’s coastal charm, inherent history and culture, vast entertainment options, boutique shopping, and epicurean proposals make it a playground for global, glamorous travellers and residents alike.

Armed with rich knowledge of Limassol’s development history and belief in the potential of its future, Pafilia saw an opportunity: to create a collection of refined residences at an iconic address that would serve as a progenitor of a new lifestyle and evolved expression of luxury.

A masterpiece of architectural and design brilliance, ONE stands proudly, powerfully, in the very heart of Limassol, propositioning self-assured buyers seeking a reimagined expression of luxury living.
Orchestrating a Masterpiece

Intent on demonstrating just how far inspired thinking can transform the character of a city’s landscape, and the essence of a community’s experience, Pafilia sought out the most esteemed consortium of partners – including Atkins, of Burj Al Arab fame, WKK, HBA, and BuroHappold – with which to collaborate in orchestrating the exact execution of its vision for ONE.

The sprawling, palm tree-lined 28th October Avenue seafront promenade close to both the business district and quaint old town is Limassol’s most iconic address. In possession of a prime position along it, Pafilia set about uniting Limassol’s blessed trinity of city, mountain, and sea, creating an immediately recognisable 37-storey landmark to command the locale’s horizon.

With insightful and intelligent design, world-revered architectural firm, WKK, drew inspiration from the shape of a yacht’s gentle arc in bringing ONE to life, a fitting homage to the sprawling Mediterranean Sea cradling the shoreline of Limassol, and symbol of how ONE will serve as a safe harbour in the centre of an otherwise bustling city.

Indeed, this subtlety of contrasts is woven throughout the very fabric of ONE’s design in terms of both physical presence and the essence of its lifestyle offering. An imposing tower of monumental height, it nevertheless boasts uncommonly low energy consumption due to a sustainable design. Its light, open spaces of floor-to-ceiling glazing, and gentle, muted tones lend a serenity in a city alive with energy. And, finally, the provision of indulgent hotel services complement the comfortable embrace of a secure, private residence.

An Everlasting Oath
Composed of 83 ultra-luxurious residences, ONE’s orientation and shape, use of natural daylight and shading, and dramatic panoramic views of city, coast and country will collectively transpose the meaning of aspirational living in the Mediterranean, introducing a new age of luxury.
Sophisticated buyers confident of what they desire from their residential asset will feel inspired by ONE’s contemporary, groundbreaking, and lavish lifestyle proposal, being given exclusive access to exceptional amenities, facilities, and service.

From the open and bright two- and three-bedroom apartments, to the bold and playful three- and four-bedroom duplex homes, and the pinnacle of luxury that is the three-storey penthouse, residents of ONE are invited to indulge in the seafront tower’s sublime spa, large pool, bar with panoramic views, state-of-the-art fitness centre, restaurant, and – uniquely – personalised and professional 24/7 concierge service.

With Pafilia’s drive and dynamism, ONE promises to be far more than the tallest seafront tower in Europe: it will become a microcosm of luxury, commanding the skyline above Limassol’s riviera for all to admire.