Sergio F. Moreno/USA



My Real Estate Career began in 2002 as a Land Surveying Field Supervisor & Project Coordinator in Associates Engineers & Surveyors of South Florida.I Have a bachelor degree in Engineer & Land Surveying, it was granted from UTS.(Unidades Tecnologicas De Santander, Colombia ) As a field supervisor & Project Coordinator, I was the head of significant engineering projects such as (I-95 Widening, 2004 West Palm Beach, Miami International Airport, Fedex Distribution Terminal, Medley FL) and urban Developments from Port St. Lucie, Fl to Homestead.It was not long after, I realized and craved a different angle of the business and the career I originally studied. I became Real Estate Agent in 2010 and i take pride of my daily routine. Each day, I analyze the Market, its changing trends and the financial bar. I keep updating the information and loads of finds tailored to each of my client needs. The experience and practice I embrace will exert your expectations, from Forma l Residences and Opportunity Investments/Commercial Business, to The High End Exquisite and Tasteful Luxury Market, I falls in a large range of varied capacity.Since then, My Professional Career has skyrocketed in light of my perseverance, persistence and growing knowledge of the Real Estate Market throughout the years. I listen to My customers to understand and visualize their desires. This way I offer customized service . I specialize in Residential and Commercial Real Estate & Development, I proudly Opened my own Real Estate Firm call Belhouse Real Estate LLC to offer the best Service